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Working Intuitively to BETTER People's Lives

But it’s so much more than that...

In 1999, immediately after taking Reiki Level 1, I noticed intuitively, I knew so much about my clients.  Intuitively, or instinctively, I could see their health issues, their childhood fears and so much more. 

To say, I was confused, was an understatement.  After becoming a Certified Reiki Master in 2000, I realized the messages and information I received, were to be given to my clients.  

I received messages for them on how to heal them from their pain, both physically and emotionally. 


With each course I took, my intuition grew stronger.


Becoming a Certified Hypnotist in 2014, opened many more doors.  Hypnosis is used for breaking negative patterns or unhealthy beliefs.  Now, my business expanded into helping people in sales, helping entrepreneurs, helping with weight loss and so much more.  

Soon, my business grew from counseling to counseling/coaching.

New Beginnings NEW YOU is just that - helping people to find their "greatness" so they can move forward!

Going through my own journey and having been in the top percentage in my sales career for 23 years, allows me to guide my client through their own challenges so they can move forward both professionally, passionately, and intuitively!

My Philosophy

Moving forward is not a quick fix.  To find your "greatness" sometimes this requires a third person to gently point out where/why you may be stuck.  Then you can find your "greatness".